Self Defence Classes

Try a Jujitsu Self Defence Class for FREE!

If you’re still not sure that Kempo jujitsu, a powerful and effective street self defence system, is for you, why not come down and try a class in why not come down and try a class in Newham, Greenwich, Bermondsey or Pimlico!

London Self Defence Classes

We’re passionate about our self defence classes, which is why we offer a free Jujitsu self-defence class to show prospective students how the efficacy of the skills you’ll gain through training as well as how much fun learning with us can be.

We cultivate a desire to learn and develop your understanding of the art as a whole alongside giving practical skills and confidence within yourself and your own abilities.

We educate you in all things self –defence and self-protection. These include awareness and avoidance and we stress that physical confrontation is always a last resort and should always be treated as such.

Our experts will give you the tools to deal with varying levels of aggression and help you develop skills in:

  • Avoidance
  • Distancing
  • Staying On Your Feet
  • Getting back up if you fall
  • Physical confrontations such as attempted wrist or arm grabs without escalating the situation
  • Physical Confrontations that involve close bodily contact
  • Physical Confrontations that involve hitting, kicking and even weapons such as sticks or knives

These practical skills will not only allow you to deescalate situations and protect and defend yourself but they will also allow you to build your confidence and manage stress more effectively. In addition to all this, you’ll be able to bond and socialise with people in a fun and relaxing environment. Just because we take your wellbeing seriously doesn’t mean our classes are doom and gloom. We’re helping our students be the most confident versions of themselves no matter what situation arises.

Our classes are available throughout London so if you’re in or around Pimlico, Newham, Greenwich or Bermondsey, contact us to see which class is right for you. Our professionals are experts in their field, committed to your wellbeing as well as being friendly and approachable. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re looking to improve on already existing skills, we cultivate an environment that is ideal for you. Your first class is free so you really have nothing to lose but your fear and so, so much to gain.

Kempo Jujitsu Self Defence classes are held at the following locations.

Newham Leisure Centre
E13 8SD

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8 - 10pm
in the Sports Hall Court 5/6

281 Prince Regent Lane, LONDON, E13 8SD

Waterfront Leisure Centre

Wednesdays 8 - 10pm
Sundays 6 - 8pm
in the Lower Function Hall

30 Woolwich High Street, LONDON, SE18 6DL

City of London Academy Sports Centre

Mondays 8pm - 9.30pm Tuesday 8pm-9.30pm Friday 7.30pm-9.00pm in the Dance Studio

240 Lynton Road, LONDON, SE1 5LA

Dolphin Fitness Club

Fridays 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Saturdays 2pm - 3.30pm
in Studio 1

Chichester Street, Dolphin Square, Pimlico, LONDON, SW1V 3LX