Advance Close Quarter Combat Seminar

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If you’re still not sure that Kempo jujitsu, a powerful and effective street self defence system, is for you, why not come down and try a class in why not come down and try a class in Newham, Greenwich, Bermondsey or Pimlico!

On the 20th of September 2020, we’re offering our 9th Kyu or above and advanced students the opportunity to attend our Advanced Combat Course seminar with Hanshi Peter Browne 9th dan Kempo Jujitsu and Hanshi Terry Coughtrey 9th dan Kempo Jujitsu & Hanshi trevor Roberts 9Th dan Jujitsu for just £50.

Hanshi Peter Browne began practicing martial arts in 1972. In this time, he has studied Judo, Aikido Renshinkai Karate, Shotokan Karate,  Kempo Jutsu,  American Kenpo Karate, Nihon Kempo, Goshin Jujitsu, Juko Ryu  Jujitsu and Doce Pares Escrima Kali as well as Arnis, TackenouciRyu Jujitsu and the original Kajukenbo system. This extensive portfolio is indicative of his philosophy: knowledge is power. The more you know, the better and good martial artists must have open minds.

There are numerous disciplines that can teach even the most experienced martial artist something they didn’t know before, and Hanshi Browne has made it his mission to learn as much as possible.

Hanshi Browne was inducted into the combat hall of fame, the world karate union hall of fame, the world head founders hall of fame and the martial arts pioneers masters and legends hall of fame. In addition, he is the principal and chief instructor of the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain and the founder of the Gathering of the Masters International Martial Arts Convention. His expertise is truly unparalleled and we believe his knowledge and background is invaluable to our students.

Hanshi Terry Coughtrey began training Karate in 1969 in Karate and later moved on to Kempo Ju-Jitsu. This combination of techniques inspired his unique style, which Shihan Coughtrey has throughout the globe.

In addition to teaching in a martial arts only capacity, Hanshi Coughtrey also has experience in teaching British and American Special Forces, including the British and International Police forces. He is a certified Trainer and Instructor in A.S.P and Rigid Hand Cuff, Firearms and hand-to-hand combat.Shihan Terry Coughtrey has extensive experience in the security industry and has worked in Close Protection for many years, which has given him an all-round knowledge of personal protection. self defence experts

Hanshi Trevor Roberts Known as the Bolton hard man is one of the united kingdoms finest self defence experts, he has worked on the doors for over 3o years and is highly skilled in Jujitsu, sombo and many other fighting arts and his seminars are a must for all serious martial artist interested in real self defence. 

All three of these experts at the seminar will bring a unique perspective and skillset that we believe our students can benefit from greatly.

If our Advanced Combat Course seminar sounds like something that excites you, grab an advanced ticket by contacting Hanshi Browne on: 07767 207 227 or email:

Mixed Martial Arts Seminar - Sunday 20th September 2020

With Hanshi Peter Browne 9th dan Kempo Jujitsu & Hanshi Terry Coughtrey 9th dan Kempo Jujitsu and Hanshi Trevor Roberts 9th dan Jujitsu

Limited Tickets Advance Combat course 2 is open to 9th Kyu and above tickets cost £50.

Contact Hanshi Browne on 07767 207 227 or email:

Newham Leisure Centre

Sunday 20th September 2020 | 9:30am - 12.30pm

281 Prince Regent Lane, LONDON, E13 8SD

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