Annual Self Defence Seminar

Try a Jujitsu Self Defence Class for FREE!

If you’re still not sure that Kempo jujitsu, a powerful and effective street self defence system, is for you, why not come down and try a class in why not come down and try a class in Newham, Greenwich, Bermondsey or Pimlico!

Mixed Martial Arts Seminar - Sunday 20th September 2020

With Professor Kimo Ferreira 10th Dan Kempo Jutsu Kai Hawaii Hanshi Peter Browne 9th Dan Kempo Jujitsu SD UK        Shihan Martin Prochazka 6th Dan Zanchin Budo Czech Republic.

Limited Tickets Advance Combat course 2 is open to 9th Kyu and above tickets cost £50.

Contact Hanshi Browne on 07767 207 227 or email: