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About the FAOGB

The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain was formed so that clubs could work together without any politics and without any one being dictated to as to why they could and could not teach in their schools.

We are a multi-style organisation that accepts all clubs or organisations throughout the World that teach self defence regardless of what martial arts you practice.

Black Belts - Share Your Knowledge

Why not share your knowledge and work with other like minded instructors in the Organisation?

The only thing we insist on is that you are a bonafide Black Belt Instructor and have high technical and moral standards.

As The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain specialises in real self defence we do not cater for sport orientated Martial Arts. We have an annual Open Self Defence Seminar each year which we invite world class teachers from around the world to teach at, we also host Fighting Arts Gathering of The Masters International Martial Arts Convention. This Event lasts for three days and is again taught by World Class Masters.

Cross Training

The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain leads the way in Cross Training, as we have since 1987 brought countless Masters from a Multitude of Arts to this country.

We offer:

  • Regular Self Defence Seminars with The Worlds leading Masters Newsletters
  • Freedom to conduct your own gradings
  • Coaching courses
  • Recognition from The National Governing Bodies
  • And no interference but help is available if required

Join Us

If you are a black belt and would like details of joining The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain, you will need to send a photocopy of your black belt certificate/grading license book and teaching syllabus and an information pack will be sent to you.

Yours in Martial Arts,

Hanshi Peter Browne, 9th Dan Kempo Jujitsu – Close Quarter Combat

Martial Arts Affiliations

We have affiliated clubs throughout the UK and also members in many different countries. Please find below a few of the areas represented by the Organisation:

  • Mid Glamorgan
  • West London
  • Peterborough
  • South London
  • Salisbury
  • Southwest London
  • Ireland
  • Aldershot
  • West Midlands
  • Welwyn Garden City
  • Isle of Islay
  • Birmingham
  • Harrogate
  • Sussex
  • Cleveland
  • Cumbria
  • Gosport
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Grimsby
  • Harlow
  • Hertfordshire
  • Hull
  • Manchester
  • Highlands
  • Tain
  • Middlesex
  • Nottingham

Are you a Black Belt Instructor?

The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain formerly, The Kempo Jujitsu Budo Association Great Britain was officially founded in 1990, but was already in existence since 1987. We have vastly grown over the years and now include a multitude of styles not just Kempo Jujitsu, we now house the following to name a few, Jujitsu, Aiki Jitsu, Atemi Jutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Judo, Aikido, Tai Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Close Quarter Combat and various styles of Karate and Kung Fu so we now have a more appropriate name.

Hanshi Peter Browne

The Browne Budo Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Self Defense System was formulated by Hanshi Peter Browne, 9th Degree Black Belt, Founder and chief instructor. Hanshi Browne began the practice of the martial arts in 1972 (the Bruce Lee era). He has practiced many martial arts including Jujitsu, Karate, Aikido, Judo, Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate, Renshinkai Karate, Kempo Jujitsu And Escrima.

Hanshi Browne holds Black Belts in Juko Ryu Jujitsu, Kempo Jutsu, Kenpo Karate and Doce Pares Escrima (empty hand, stick and knife fighting). He is the principal of the Fighting Arts Organization Of Great Britain and is internationally renowned for his devastating self defence techniques having taught Kempo Jujitsu in 14 countries. Hanshi Browne has been inducted in to various martial arts Halls of fame including the Combat magazine hall of fame, the World karate union hall of fame, the martial arts legends, masters and pioneers hall of fame and the World sokeship head of families hall of fame.

Kempo jujitsu is a practical effective self defense system that covers all ranges of fighting including weapon disarms,holds and grabs, punching kicking and the use of the elbows and ground fighting, although in the street fighting on the ground is the last place you want to be especially with multiple attackers, Kempo Jujitsu is alive and always evolving.