Self defence classes in Kensington

Do you want to know how to defend yourself in a difficult situation? Are you concerned about self-defence and want to make it fun? The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain offers self defence classes in Kensington and throughout the capital.

The self defence classes we teach are primarily based on self-defence, where you will learn the art of Kempo Jujitsu. Kempo Jujitsu takes elements from a range of different martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, Aikido, Escrima and of course Kempo and Jujitsu. The mixed martial art contains kicking, punching, throwing, locking and ground fighting, that you will find practical, realistic and effective in combat.

The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain does not cater for sports orientated martial arts, and we do not host or participate in any sports related events. Whilst this we do hold any sporting events, we do host an annual Open Self Defence Seminar, where world-class teachers from around the world are invited and attend the seminar.

Our self defence classes in Kensington are instructed by Hanshi Peter Browne, who first began the practice of Kempo Jujitsu in 1972. The classes are ideal if you are interested in losing weight, increasing confidence, self-defence and fitness. Men, women and children aged 14 and above are all welcome to attend and participate in the classes, and we even offer a free trial session if you are unsure. To redeem the Free Trial Session, enter all details into the form, and we’ll respond with an email to confirm the session booking.

Do you wish to participate in our self defence classes in Kensington? Get in touch with the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain on 07767 207 227. Otherwise you can email [email protected] or fill in our Contact Form with all relevant information, and we’ll look to respond to the message as soon as possible.


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