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Interested in taking Jujitsu classes? Here at the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain, we have Kenpo Jujitsu classes available in London and throughout the UK, with our affiliated clubs. We teach a variety of martial arts, mixing arts such as Kempo, Escrima, Kung Fu and Jujitsu together into a form we called Kempo Jujitsu. All of our classes teach self defence only, as Kempo Ju Jitsu is not a sport orientated art.

Kempo Jujitsu is a complete martial art, containing of kicking, punching, throwing, locking and ground fighting. As its a martial art, Kempo Jiu Jitsu is not a competitive form of art and is used by most of the world's military forces.

With our Ju Jitsu London classes, not only will you gain and build confidence, you will learn how to defend yourself in an emergency. We will also teach you how to defend yourself from a knife attack. If you want more information on our martial arts classes in Newham, visit our About page.

We have self defence classes throughout the capital, in all areas. Whether you want to attend self defence classes in Chelsea, self defence classes in Plaistow or one in Southwark, visit our Self Defence page and find out how to claim your FREE trial class. We have classes available on every day of the week, with Tuesdays & Thursdays in Newham, Wednesdays & Sundays in Woolwich, Mondays in The City of London and Fridays & Saturdays in Pimlico. You can enrol on our website by entering all contact details, and we’ll email you back to arrange your FREE trial session.

For more information on our Jujitsu classes in London, do not hesitate to contact the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain. Call us on 07767 207 227 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill in all necessary information into the form on our Contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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