Beginners self defence classes

Do you want to learn how to defend yourself in a difficult situation? The Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain have martial arts classes in Newham and across London, teaching Kempo Jiu Jitsu. Kempo Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art with elements of Karate, Aikido. Kempo, Judo and Escrima. The form of art contains punches, kicks, locks, throws and ground fighting, and is commonly used by most of the world’s military forces.

We have beginners martial arts classes in Newham, Pimlico, Woolwich and the City of London, on all days of the week. Classes are instructed by Hanshi Peter Browne, a 9th Degree Black Belt. We welcome anyone to come along to our beginners self defence classes, and we cater for men, women and kids aged 14 and above. We offer self defence martial arts classes in East London and throughout the capital. For more information on Kempo Jujitsu, head over to our About page.

As our classes are solely used for self defence purposes, by attending we will help you gain and build confidence, teaching you how to defend yourself in a difficult situation. We will even teach you how to defend a knife attack, if you were ever in a relevant situation.

If you would like to find out more about our beginners self defence classes in London, please visit our Self Defence page. Here you get information on the time and dates of our classes and how to receive your FREE trial session.

To find out more about our beginners self defence classes, why not give the Fighting Arts Organisation of GB a call. Call us on 07767 207 227 or email [email protected] for any enquiries. Alternatively, you may want to fill out the form on our Contact page. Simply input all relevant information into the form, and we will get in touch to arrange your FREE trial.


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